Many initiatives and practices are already in place in each of the territories. The Secretariat's interventions are therefore aimed at staying informed on all those initiatives and practices, as well as relaying the most relevant information throughout its network. Moreover, the Secretariat seeks to promote indigenous and non indigenous businesses and make their enterprises known on either side, as well as any potential project with which they could ally themselves.



Mutual understanding constitutes the corner stone of a healthy collaboration and, with that in mind, the Secretariat works at making the context of Nord-du- Québec and cultural differences better known, so to promote mutual respect. The important role played by the Secretariat is part of supporting entrepreneurs eager to widen their horizons on the territory in a respectful manner.


The importance of business exchanges for the good of communities and mutual benefits is one of the pillars of success. A multitude of networking events, orientation missions, conferences and business exchanges are at the heart of the activities offered by the Secretariat. The Secretariat plans meetings with organizations and businesses, allowing them to assess different potential avenues and to make their reflections on strategic alliances move forward.


The Secretariat encourages and promotes alliances and partnerships in a win win perspective of cooperation, exchanges and transfer of expertise for all communities and organizations.

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